Image is important and lacking confidence in our smiles can hold us back from truly living the life we want. But traditional braces aren’t suitable for us all. 

Invisalign can change that.

Clear and removable, Invisalign discreetly does its work so life can carry on as normal.

You’ll see big changes from small movements in just a matter of weeks and because the aligners are completely transparent, results are the only thing you do see!

Invisalign aligners slowly change the position of your teeth which you swap every few weeks until you’re left with a beautifully straight smile. 

At your initial appointment, we’ll identify and discuss whether Invisalign is for you and how it will fit into your lifestyle. Our iTero scanner will then scan your mouth to show the 3D detail of your teeth. 

Once we’ve scanned your mouth we’ll take impressions of your teeth to make your custom aligners. When these are ready, you’ll pop in again to pick them up and start your treatment.