Boutique At Home

Boutique is an award winning professional teeth whitening system that can only be prescribed by a dentist.

The system is designed to fit in with your lifestyle. We use Boutique by Night gels which will whiten your teeth overnight as you sleep.

It is so easy to get started on your whitening journey. Your clinician will take a mould from which we make your bespoke whitening trays in practice. You then apply the gel as directed to unveil your new brighter, whiter smile.

Why choose Boutique at Dentistry at the Gallery?


  • High strength formulas for rapid results
  • 16% Carbamide Peroxide Kit
  • pH neutral gels to protect teeth
  • Integrated potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity
  • High water content to keep teeth hydrated
  • High viscosity to reduce saliva wash-out
  • Gentle formulas perfect for those with sensitive teeth
  • Unique hybrid formula – only available from Boutique
  • Boutique Biomin toothpaste clinically proven to reduce sensitivity
  • Mutli-award winning products